Connector Problems

Problem: My electric trolling motor stopped working.

How Did It Happen: I had just received the trolling motor in the mail and tested it out in our swimming pool. It was working fine until I cranked the speed up and the motor got away from me and the throttle/handle was forced down. At this point the motor stopped working.

What I Tested: 

  • First I tested to see if anything else works. The battery indicator still works.
  • Nothing else works.

What Works: When hooked up to the battery the battery indicator lights up. So it is definitely getting power.

What Doesn’t Work: The motor does not turn on.

What Do I Know About The Circuit:

  • Separate components in nearly all devices are wired up using plastic connectors. This helps keep the components modular and aids in the manufacturing process.
  • The motor is brand new and was working. It is hard to believe that it blew. I’m also fairly certain that I would have heard something to indicate a broken  motor.

What might be the problem:

  • First, there may be a disconnect between the motor and the main circuit board.
  • There may be a disconnect between the throttle and the motor. It might be safe to assume the throttle is a separate component in addition to the motor.
  • A component on the circuit board may be faulty.
  • The motor blew.

Can you figure out what the problem is, based on the information provided?

Conclusion: The next step is to crack open the main compartment and see what’s going on with the circuit board. Sure enough the problem was the connector between the throttle and the circuit board.

How I Prevented Future Failures: To prevent the disconnect from happening again I pushed the connector back into it’s place and hot glued the side. I did the same for the connector between the motor and the board. Haven’t had any issues since then.

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