DipTrace: Design Your PCB for OSHpark.com

DipTrace Featured_OSHParkOSHpark is a third party pcb manufacturer tailored to hobbyist. They take orders for small quantities of boards, from the community, and compile them into a large batch order. A standard 2 layer board of two square inches costs $10 with free shipping. My first order was received in 12 days of ordering.

If at all possible set your design rules prior to desiging your pcb this will prevent a whole lot of headache, when you’re trying to manually fix everything. So first things first lets setup your design rules.

OSH Parks Requirements:

  • 6 mil minimum trace width
  • 6 mil minimum spacing
  • at least 15 mil clearances from traces to the edge of the board
  • 13 mil minimum drill size
  • 7 mil minimum annular ring

Setting up DipTrace Design Rules:

You’ll find design rules under the ‘Verification’ menu.


Your Design Rules window will pop up just fill it in as shown below and you’ll be good. Make sure you set the rules for both the Clearances tab and the Sizes. You can run a Design Rules Check on your PCB to make sure everything fits the requirements.



That’s it for setting up your design rules.

Exporting Gerber and Drill Files:

Now that your project is complete you’ll need to export the gerber files. You’ll find the export option under File -> Export -> Gerber.


Onces the Gerber Export window opens up go to Apertures and click ‘Auto’ at the bottom left hand corner.


Next go ahead and click ‘Export All’. For now just save everything to a dedicated file. Next well export the drill file.

Go to File -> Export -> N/C Drill.

Drill_ExportOnce the Export N/C Drill window opens up click ‘Auto’ right below the Tools section on the right hand side. Then click ‘Export All’ at the bottom and save the file in the same folder as your gerber files.

You wont need all the files saved from exporting your gerber files. For a standard 2 sided board you’ll only need the files listed below. The rest you’ll need to delete. Make sure that all the files have something on them. I’ve ran into the issue where I didn’t have anything on the BottomSilk.gbr and OSH Park would not except it. The solution is to either add something to the file or just delete it.

Files to Keep:

  • BoarderOutline.gbr
  • Bottom.gbr
  • BottomMask.gbr
  • BottomSilk.gbr
  • Top.gbr
  • TopMask.gbr
  • TopSilk.gbr

Files to Delete:

  • TopAssy.gbr
  • TopPaste.gbr
  • BottomPaste.gbr
  • BottomAssy.gbr
  • Board.gbr

Now that you have all the files you need in one spot compile them into a single .zip file.

Submitting your PCB to OSH Park:

Navigate to OSHPark.com. You should see the image below.

OSHPark_HomeClick ‘Get Started Now’ and drag your .zip file, containing the gerber files, onto the designated space.


OSH Park will start processing your files. In the mean time you can name your project and add a description and email. This is more so for their ‘Shared Projects’ page.


OSHPark_ProcessedWhen OSH Park is done processing you can continue and view every layer of your board to inspect and approve for ordering.


The process is relatively simple and once ordered you should receive emails from OSH Park notifying you where your board is in the process.

I hope this tutorial is helpful and good luck with your projects.

In addition I did some experimenting with OSHpak and created a pcb design that didn’t quite work out. If you’re interested in knowing what not to do, you can check it out HERE.

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  1. Good flow, easy to follow. Wish you had exported your OSHPARK.rul file in imperial and metric. Also the Board rule was missing, nothing on Via Style limits or Net Classes but then the DRC will pickup anything that drops a net below the minimum width.

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