Update: Workbench #2 complete



Just an update. The new workbench and lab are both complete. The build log is in the works. There will also be some videos coming out here soon covering some of the features of the bench and a wifi antenna I built to receive a wifi signal in the garage.

Update: Workbench #2 build in progress

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Alright now for an original post. This week I picked up the wood for workbench #2 and began cutting and putting it together this weekend. I started with the second bench to move all my electronic design gear to the garage. Bench #1 is not particularly designed for such things. I’ll post a picture of what I’m dealing with right now to compare the two. The bench page will be updated with details after I’ve completed it.

Starting Design for one of my Workbenches


Started a projects page. I know it’s probably not what you’re expecting for a first project, but gotta start somewhere and I need something to work on. This bench is designed for heavy equipment like a miter saw. As the page mentions I will be creating a build log of the bench when I get back to homeland. I’m already in the process of designing the second workbench for my computer and electronics equipment. That one will be a little more robust. I’ll be incorporating a powers trip into the design and an area for this bench to slide under. All the files for this build can be found on GrabCAD at the link below.

GrabCAD page  / Project Page

Other updates include my progress in the DipTrace Pattern Editor tutorial. I’m about 25% done with it. It should be completed by the end of next week pending any interference from work.