Free Samples: CC3000MOD #CC3000

IMG_9214Just received my free sample of the CC3000 exclusively from Texas Instruments. So thank you TI for generously allowing me to experiment with your chip.

This little chip is a low cost ($10.00) self contained wifi processor. It does a majority of the heavy lifting so your microcontroller can worry more about working other parts of the circuit, than processing wifi signals.

Recently there has a been an increase of popularity with this module and the Arduino. Adafruit has created their own prototyping Arduino shield ($39.95) and breakout board ($34.95) using the CC3000, with promises of an Arduino friendly library in the near future. Aside from Adafruits promises, a motivated individual has ported TI’s MSP430 CC3000 library to the Arduino.

I have thought of some uses for this little device, such as a prototype board or even a wifi controlled relay board for home automation, but I figured it would be a great opportunity to get some other ideas from this sites followers. I am aware that a larger majority of viewers are foreign, but I would encourage a response from you as well.

Wireless Communication out of Thin Air with Ambient Backscatter

From the University of Washington,

As computing devices become smaller and more numerous, powering them becomes more difficult; wires are often not feasible, and batteries add weight, bulk, cost, and require recharging/replacement that is impractical at large scales. Ambient backscatter communication solves this problem by leveraging existing TV and cellular transmissions, rather than generating their own radio waves. This novel technique enables ubiquitous communication where devices can communicate among themselves at unprecedented scales and in locations that were previously inaccessible.

WiSee: Wi-Fi signals enable gesture recognition throughout entire home

University of Washington computer scientists have developed gesture-recognition technology that brings this a step closer to reality. Researchers have shown it’s possible to leverage Wi-Fi signals around us to detect specific movements without needing sensors on the human body or cameras.

Arduino: WiFiDuino = WiFi + Arduino

WiFiDuino is a new Arduino board that has a WiFi module. The circuit is based on the famous open source “Arduino Micro” from Arduino and Adafruit. To add WiFi connection, the new module “CC3000” from TI is used.

DIY Wireless Data Transceiver

Wireless Data Transceiver


Have you ever wanted to send data from a sensor or project wirelessly? This simplecircuit allows you to build your own wireless transceiver using two ICs, a transistor, and two resistors. The IC is from Melexis and uses On-Off Keying modulation and can be battery powered.