Oregano: Designing Electronics with Linux

In many scientific disciplines, the research you may be doing is completely new. It may be so new that there isn’t even any instrumentation available to make your experimental measurements. In those cases, you have no choice but to design and build your own measuring devices. Although you could build them using trial and error, having a way to model them first to see how they will behave is a much better choice—in steps oregano. With oregano, you can design your circuitry ahead of time and run simulations on it to iron out any problems you may encounter.


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DipTrace: Pattern Editor Tutorial

Diptrace pattern editor tutorial
Diptrace pattern editor tutorial

Tutorial can be found at: DipTrace Pattern Editor Overview

The Pattern Editor Tutorial is completed. After reviewing the tutorial I realized it’s more of an overview than a tutorial. I’m thinking about creating a tutorial where I run through the creation of a pattern for the absolute beginner. For now this should arm you with the tools necessary to complete your own parts.