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DipTrace Featured_OSHPark

As promised. This is a detailed tutorial guiding you through the process of setting up your design files in DipTrace and exporting your files to formats accepted by OSH Park. Enjoy.

DipTrace: Design your PCB for OSHPark.com

DipTrace: Schematic Capture Tutorial

DipTrace Featured_Schematic CaptureThe video for DipTrace: Schematic Capture has been posted in the tutorials section and runs you through creating a schematic in DipTrace. The written version is coming soon and will be formatted to match the other DipTrace tutorials.

DipTrace Tutorial: Component Editor Tutorial

DipTrace Component Editor Tutorial
DipTrace Component Editor Tutorial

Tutorial can be found here: Component Editor Tutorial

The written component editor tutorial has been created. If you’re looking for a quick overview of the programs features and interested in learning how to draw up a component and attach a pattern then this is a good place to start.

Next week I’ll have the schematic capture tutorial drafted up and prepared to be posted. Being the single person operating this site, I have a lot of idea of what I want to do with it and I’m working diligently on each feature at the same time, so if you’re just now viewing this site, please bare with me there are things to come. One additional note, I am currently working on a download page for all the downloadable content on this site.

DipTrace: Converting Eagle to DipTrace Tutorial

Feature Image

Tutorial Link: Eagle to DipTrace

Did some digging and noticed there wasn’t a whole lot of support for this topic so I put together a tutorial on how to convert Eagle ¬†files to DipTrace. In this tutorial I did identify some of the flaws but didn’t get into them too much. I am working on a guide with a list of the issues and how they can be fixed.

DipTrace: Pattern Editor Tutorial

Diptrace pattern editor tutorial
Diptrace pattern editor tutorial

Tutorial can be found at: DipTrace Pattern Editor Overview

The Pattern Editor Tutorial is completed. After reviewing the tutorial I realized it’s more of an overview than a tutorial. I’m thinking about creating a tutorial where I run through the creation of a pattern for the absolute beginner. For now this should arm you with the tools necessary to complete your own parts.

DipTrace Libraries


I’ve been playing around with DipTrace for a little while now and have started creating my own libraries. So far my libraries are very minimal, but as I continue using the software I’ll keep adding to them. Within the next month I’ll have an entire library dedicated to Arduino. My files are on GitHub, great site for tracking progress on a project, I’ll post a link to the files below.


Kevins Projects:
2pin Connector
RP-SMA Mount – Antenna mount
Breakout Accel – Accelerometer pin mapping
Prgm Header – Another Pin map
VibrtMotr – Vibration Motor
LiPo Charger:
MCP73831/2 DFN – LiPo charge managment controller