Book: Ham Radio for Arduino and Picaxe

Ham Radio for Arduino and PickaxeI saw this book in another blog and the projects look pretty interesting and only $29.95. Definitely something I’ll pick up in the near future. I’ll include the ¬†project list below.¬†If interested this book can be found at

  • APRS Data Logger
  • QRSS Beacon
  • Multimode Transmitter Shield
  • High Voltage, High Frequency and High Temperature Data Logger
  • Receive-Only, Low-Power APRS iGate
  • PICAXE Keyer and CW Beacon Keyer
  • Solar Tracker
  • Nanokeyer
  • Handheld Radio Talk Timer
  • APRS Messenger
  • DMTF Controlled SSTV Camera
  • APRS Display
  • Waterfall
  • SWR Scanner
  • …and more projects using the Arduino, PICAXE, and ATtiny microcontrollers