Workbench #2: High Bench

Bench2.Final Color Output

This bench is specifically designed to put everything you’re working on at eye level. Also the Heavy Duty bench will fit right under the open area. I’m pretty tall and the high of this bench was perfect. I would recommend shortening the legs and removing the first drawer if you are shorter than 75 inches.

CAD design files have been drafted up for this project. I do plan on adding an LED strip along the bottom of the shelving to add more light to the workspace. Still working out where to get exactly what I want. But once again the files can be found at GrabCAD at the link below. I’m still working out an efficient way to upload the files locally so you can download them directly.

The project is completed. I added support where the legs connect with the bench top to spread the load. This adjustment added an additional 2 inches to the height which is fine for me but I would recommend taking that into account if you plan to make your own. I’ll make the changes in the cad files for your benefit.


The bench is completed above is the workshop in its old location and the garage with the new bench. Below is a gallery of the build process.

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