DIY: Air Conditioning Unit

IMG_9163Found the original design of this when searching on google. This design required you fill the ice box with ice or a cold pack. This process made a fairly ineffective unit in 90 degree weather. So I devised a new way of cooling the unit using peltiers’. This page will be updated as I continue building the unit.

Goals with this project include:

  • Electronic cooling
  • Wireless temperature control
  • Ability to heat and cool without tinkering with the hardware

Materials Used for Original Design:

  • Small pond water pump ($16.98 – Lowes)
  • 3/8″ x 10′ Copper Coil ($12.42 – Lowes)
  • 1/2″ x 10′ Vynal tubing ($4.48 – Lowes)
  • Ice chest of your choosing
  • 20″ Box Fan ($16.96 – Lowes)

Design Note: If you’re going to build this I recommend arranging the copper coil to where the ends are both pointing down.

10 Sept 2013: So the original design is complete but not very effective. I have tested the peltiers’ and am currently putting together the thermostat to control them. The thermostadt currently has the ability to detect temperature and display it on an lcd screen. I’l be posting pictured here soon along with schematic designs of the project and more explanation.

18 Sept 2013:


Here’s a picture of the prototype circuit. I’m currently experimenting with controlling the temperature of the peltier using a potentiometer. I’ll be swapping the manual potentiometer with a digital one here in the near future, just need to draft up a breakout board for it cause they are tiny.

Current Issues: The temperature sensor is displaying the wrong temperature. I believe this is affected by the power supply I have made because it will display the right temperature when the programmer is connected. I’m researching some other methods to creating the proper power supply, but I’m open to suggestions.

Coming Soon: I’ll be posting a list of the parts I’m using in this project. The list isn’t readily available to me right now but I’ll tryo to get it up as soon as possible.

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