Arduino: ISPduino

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Yes I’m jumping on the band wagon for these Arduino spinoffs. Gotta pay tribute somehow. This little project is mainly used to create breadboard prototypes of my projects. It’s designed to work with my USBasp setup from the Programming AVR’s on the Mac tutorial, because it was a hassle to use the TQFP breakout boards, with all the jumper cables. Included are DipTrace files of the schematic and single sided PCB layout. I’ll be creating a double sided version so I can order some professionally made boards that will fit a little bit better on the breadboard.

The files are found on Github there are two versions a single sided board and a double sided board. I’ll be putting a double sided version together designed specifically for submission to


Below is the schematic. Just click the image if you want to see the full size.

ISPduino Schematic

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