PocketNC: 5 axis CNC machine #PocketNC #CNC

Saw this the other day and figured it would be great to share on this site. This is a 5 axis CNC machine. PocketNC is currently working with the prototypes and nearly ready to release it to the market. Makezine is saying they plan to sell it for $3000. I hope to see a kickstarted for this soon.

From the start, the mill’s frame was built of aluminum but they are always working to reduce weight, presently at 25 pounds. The mill uses stepper motors and they can cut dependably to a tolerance of +/- 1/5000th of an inch, the spindle turns at 500-6000 rpm for plenty of range for speeds and feeds of various materials. The millable volume is  5″ diameter by 4″ tall. This gem can mill plastic and aluminum and they’re confirming that it can also mill steel and titanium

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