Free Samples: CC3000MOD #CC3000

IMG_9214Just received my free sample of the CC3000 exclusively from Texas Instruments. So thank you TI for generously allowing me to experiment with your chip.

This little chip is a low cost ($10.00) self contained wifi processor. It does a majority of the heavy lifting so your microcontroller can worry more about working other parts of the circuit, than processing wifi signals.

Recently there has a been an increase of popularity with this module and the Arduino. Adafruit has created their own prototyping Arduino shield ($39.95) and breakout board ($34.95) using the CC3000, with promises of an Arduino friendly library in the near future. Aside from Adafruits promises, a motivated individual has ported TI’s MSP430 CC3000 library to the Arduino.

I have thought of some uses for this little device, such as a prototype board or even a wifi controlled relay board for home automation, but I figured it would be a great opportunity to get some other ideas from this sites followers. I am aware that a larger majority of viewers are foreign, but I would encourage a response from you as well.

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