DipTrace Libraries


I’ve been playing around with DipTrace for a little while now and have started creating my own libraries. So far my libraries are very minimal, but as I continue using the software I’ll keep adding to them. Within the next month I’ll have an entire library dedicated to Arduino. My files are on GitHub, great site for tracking progress on a project, I’ll post a link to the files below.


Kevins Projects:
2pin Connector
RP-SMA Mount – Antenna mount
Breakout Accel – Accelerometer pin mapping
Prgm Header – Another Pin map
VibrtMotr – Vibration Motor
LiPo Charger:
MCP73831/2 DFN – LiPo charge managment controller


2 thoughts on “DipTrace Libraries

    • I’m glad you found it useful. If you have any recommendations/requests of what could be added to the library, please let me know.

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