MIT Morphing Table #mit

I can’t quite remember which movie I saw something like this on, but it sure is cool to see something real. What intrigues me most is how quickly the table responds. Looking through the paper it looks like they use electromagnets to actuate the individual blocks. Overall a cool project. I’m interested to see how it will evolve.

If you’re interested you can find the project details here.

Flexible Microcontroller #FleX-MCU #FleX

American Semiconductors’ FleX™ Silicon-on-Polymer™ is a revolutionary substrate conversion process that provides flexible ICs and fully flexible wafers. FleX enables the next generation of flexible electronics and Flexible Hybrid Systems.

The FleX-MCU is an 8-bit RISC microcontroller with 8KB embedded RAM operating at up to 20MHz with a 1.2V core and 2.5V I/O. It includes multiple serial interface peripherals, including UART, I2C, and SPI.

There’s a video towards the bottom of the FleX page.