Printrbot Jr V2: New Aluminum Extruder, Reference #Printrbot

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I’ve had the Printrbot Jr V2 for several months now and have had lots of issues with the original extruder design. So when I saw the new aluminum extruder, it was sold. I had a couple issues with it initially. The biggest being that there was no guide to show you how to put it together. Nor were there any reference pictures to tell me whether I did it right or not.

I’ve taken the liberty of creating a little guide to help anyone else looking to purchase and assemble the new Aluminum Extruder.

Take a look HERE

3D Printing: Blending real objects with 3d prints


Greg Petchkovsky has created an instructable demonstrating how to blend 3D prints with real world objects.

By combining 3d scanning, 3d digital modelling, and 3d printing, it is possible to create amazing and surprising effects, objects that can seamlessly blend between reality and imagination. In this tutorial, I describe the process of making a full colour 3d printed object that seamlessly fits on to a real sandstone wall, producing the illusion that the wall is built from pieces of lego. But the techniques described  have a more general usefulness, almost limitless potential, and  are easier and less expensive than you might think!

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