Workbench #2: High Bench

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CAD files for workbench #2 have been drafted up. Here are some nice pictures for your viewing pleasure. Again I will be updating the project page with progress on the build when I return home. Next up on the agenda is another DipTrace tutorial. Also if you’re just now visiting the page and wandering why the forum looks neglected. It’s because I don’t like it. I’m working on a solution to some of the issues and may use an entirely different setup here shortly.

DipTrace: Pattern Editor Tutorial

Diptrace pattern editor tutorial
Diptrace pattern editor tutorial

Tutorial can be found at: DipTrace Pattern Editor Overview

The Pattern Editor Tutorial is completed. After reviewing the tutorial I realized it’s more of an overview than a tutorial. I’m thinking about creating a tutorial where I run through the creation of a pattern for the absolute beginner. For now this should arm you with the tools necessary to complete your own parts.

Starting Design for one of my Workbenches


Started a projects page. I know it’s probably not what you’re expecting for a first project, but gotta start somewhere and I need something to work on. This bench is designed for heavy equipment like a miter saw. As the page mentions I will be creating a build log of the bench when I get back to homeland. I’m already in the process of designing the second workbench for my computer and electronics equipment. That one will be a little more robust. I’ll be incorporating a powers trip into the design and an area for this bench to slide under. All the files for this build can be found on GrabCAD at the link below.

GrabCAD page  / Project Page

Other updates include my progress in the DipTrace Pattern Editor tutorial. I’m about 25% done with it. It should be completed by the end of next week pending any interference from work.

DipTrace Libraries


I’ve been playing around with DipTrace for a little while now and have started creating my own libraries. So far my libraries are very minimal, but as I continue using the software I’ll keep adding to them. Within the next month I’ll have an entire library dedicated to Arduino. My files are on GitHub, great site for tracking progress on a project, I’ll post a link to the files below. 

Kevins Projects:
2pin Connector
RP-SMA Mount – Antenna mount
Breakout Accel – Accelerometer pin mapping
Prgm Header – Another Pin map
VibrtMotr – Vibration Motor
LiPo Charger:
MCP73831/2 DFN – LiPo charge managment controller


CryoArchive in beta stages!

If you’ve somehow made it to this website, welcome. I am currently in the process of putting content on the site. The plan is to gear this site towards electronical and computer sciences. I am open to other topics aswell and may post them as they come up but this electronics and computers is the starting point. If these are topics you’re interested please feel free to post any content you would like to see in the forums. I will do my best to implement them in the near future, if your recommendation is realistic. The forum is open to guest posting.