This site is used to document a progression into electrical computer engineering. My goal is to provide resources, ideas and plans to those like minded people that want to learn and explore. This site is an ongoing project to provide aspiring hobbyist and engineers helpful tools to accomplish their goals.

To add a little more detail to what this site is about below is roadmap of what you can expect in the future. I will continue adding to the list as the ideas come. If you happen to come up with an intriguing idea that would compliment the list below please feel free to post it in the comments.

PROJECTS: I have some projects that I’m working on. My goal is show you the process of how I made them, to include design and debugging. I’m no expert by any means, but I’ll try to include the majority of my research in the projects with references. Also note that even though my project list is large it may take some time to jump from one project to the next this stuff isn’t very cheap.

  • DIY A/C unit
  • ISPduino
  • PingMap – Robot using the Ping  ultrasonic sensor

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