PrintrBot Jr V2: New Aluminum Extruder

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I’ve had the Printrbot Jr V2 for several months now and have had lots of issues with the original extruder design. So when I saw the new aluminum extruder, it was sold. I had a couple issues with it initially. The biggest being that there was no guide to show you how to put it together. Nor were there any reference pictures to tell me whether I did it right or not.

This whole process was purely trial and error. Which is why I opted to make a post, just for those individuals like myself with an impulsive buy and didn’t check for support. I’ll admit the tutorial Printrbot offers did set me in the right direction and it didn’t. I’ll list off some of the issues I ran into below so no one else makes the same mistake. Also I do believe the issue has been raised with Printrbot, regarding a need for a Jr V2 tutorial. Whether they plan to make it or not remains to be heard.

So here you go. Sorry this isn’t a step by step tutorial. Lately I haven’t had the time to make any, but it is a simple build and the tips should be more than enough to get you through it. Enjoy.

1. First of all, don’t follow the Printrbot tutorial to the Tee. It leads you astray for which side of the extruder to mount the motor. Reference my pictures for the correct side. Else you’ll need to reverse the motor direction.

2. This new extruder is mounted higher than the original so you’ll need to adjust the screw located at the back of the printer so that the homing switch is activated at the appropriate time. (If you need a picture just ask. I got lazy after several retakes of my build.)

3. My pictures show the fan mounted backwards. It was hitting the little vent. I recommend not mounting it that way or you could potentially break a fin or two.

4. Printrbot gives you the two pieces that are attached to the rail and belt assembly however, they are exactly the same as the ones already on there. Just remove the big piece up front and you’re good. Don’t worry if it takes a little elbow grease to take off. I was able to wedge it off with a flat head screw driver.

5. Screws. This was confusing because I had a bunch of screws left over. Yes it worries me, but I have no idea where they go. The extruder works perfectly and there are not other places to use them. Also whats more confusing is you’ll be using the nuts and bolts from the old extruder. Of the ones I had left over, all of them were the hex bolts. (I’ll will also provide a picture of my left overs upon request)

Hope this was helpful. My extruder works perfectly. I’m much happier now that there is more than a loose piece of wood guiding the filament through the extruder. Now I just need to figure out how to keep my prints from pulling up off the heated bed.

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